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Welcome to JeePhysics

A beginning to learning physics

This is a site for learning basic physics. 

We have just got started and more content will be added as days go by.

To make use of the site to its fullest, please make sure that you have installed a recent version of Adobe's Flash player.  Please also install a recent version of Java so that you can view the Java applets on this site. Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera will give you the best browsing experience. If you want to use Internet Explorer, use Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher.

Please use the 'Contact' button on the top right for feedback or information.

If you find the site is down, please look up for a status update.

Please note that, currently, you do not need to be a member ( that is, you do not need to log in ) to access the physics contents. Click on the 'Physics101' tab above to get started.

Lectures on Semiconductors by Balaji Sampath.

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